Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

I had a love-hate relationship with bruschetta, because I loved eating it but failed at making it TWICE! The first attempt was for my bachelorette party. I used this recipe and I think the parmesan cheese made everything mushy, watery and not very appetizing. The second attempt was with this other recipe for a potluck party, but the whole flavor was a bit off in my opinion. I blame it on the cooked garlic and possibly the yellow cherry tomatoes.

For our last housewarming party, I wanted to give it one last try, and let me tell ya…third time’s a charm! I decided to use the second recipe again as a starting point for ingredient quantity, but made it my own. Continue reading


June Reviews: Pistachio Cupcakes and 3 Apps

Last month’s recipes included Pistachio Cupcakes for Father’s Day, and Corn Salsa, Cheese Sticks, and Refried Beans appetizers for the Costa Rica vs. Greece World Cup game (which CR won in case you were wondering!!!) Continue reading