When I started this blog in early 2014, my objective was to have a public personal journal to share my past experiences as a bride-to-be and my current life adventures as a wife. Shortly after I started blogging, I realized I had so much to say about weddings that I would eventually want to do more than just blog about them. Continue reading


7 Entertaining Tips

Just like I love event planning, I love entertaining, and when we used to live in the townhouse I would dream about all the parties I wanted to host at our future home. Now that the dream is our reality we have kicked off with several housewarming parties and I’m loving it, so I figured I would share my entertaining tips plus a couple of photos from one of our parties. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Still Celebrate Your Dating Anniversary

When my husband and I got married, we decided we wouldn’t make a big deal out of our dating anniversary since we now had a wedding anniversary. We still wanted to acknowledge it and do something low key each year, like cook a nice meal at home or go to the movies (which was our first date.)

Today is our 5 year dating anniversary, and last night I came home to this very sweet surprise: Continue reading

Buying and Selling a House

Our townhouse went under contract in May and we successfully closed in June, which means this exhausting and pricey process of buying and selling is over, and this is the last time you will hear me complaint about it. Unlike many others try to do, we decided to buy, move, and then sell. This order worked for us mainly because it was easier to fix our townhouse without pets, and it took us forever to find our new home, but with a lot of anxiety, trust, and faith we did it! During this journey I kept track of the timeline and costs to keep myself organized and to share it with you guys. So here is a quick snapshot of the buying and selling costs and timeline. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why I Dislike House Hunting

If you’ve just decided to start looking for a home, you must be extremely excited! I really wish you a short and sweet house hunting experience (kinda like the HGTV version you are likely familiar with), but when one house has to fit more than one person’s taste, and your wish list is not flexible enough, you will get mentally exhausted and be so over this house hunting thing soon. Not to burst your property virgin bubble, but now that I have gone through the experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that I DO NOT like house hunting and here are four reasons why.

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House Hunting: Offer Accepted – Now What?

If you think you get anxious between the time a home is listed and your actual tour appointment, wait till you put an offer on a home! It is nerve-wrecking to say the least and you will second guess yourself a bunch. Even after the offer is accepted and the contract is signed, you are still not quite out of the woods yet, so start a “to-do” list and keep yourself organized, because it will get overwhelming quick. From our personal experience, here is what to expect once the house hunting is over and the buying process begins. Continue reading

Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

My husband turned 30 this month, and even though he is the kind of guy that doesn’t want to make a big deal about his birthday, I knew we had to celebrate this milestone. Mind you, this was my first time planning a surprise party, but it was a success!

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