When I started this blog in early 2014, my objective was to have a public personal journal to share my past experiences as a bride-to-be and my current life adventures as a wife. Shortly after I started blogging, I realized I had so much to say about weddings that I would eventually want to do more than just blog about them. Continue reading


Popping the Question to Your Bridesmaids

Last month I received a very thoughtful and sweet package from my sister-in-law asking if I would be her bridesmaid. Besides a post card with the question, the package included the color palette and concise yet descriptive instructions about the dress, which made me very proud. When I asked my bridesmaids to be part of my wedding party, I kept it very simple because they lived in different countries, but looking back I wish I would’ve gotten more creative with it. So… if you haven’t popped the question to your girls yet, here are seven creative ways to do it. Continue reading

Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

When I was getting married, my mom and I knew that we were organized and efficient enough to plan my wedding between the both of us. After getting some wedding inspiration from Pinterest and my wedding vendor’s websites, I knew exactly what I wanted, so I didn’t need much direction. Continue Reading

8 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Nowadays there are so many ways to make your wedding unique, and your wedding registry is not the exception. Depending of your interests, preferences, and where you are in life, you can find different alternatives that suit you and your future spouse’s needs. I must admit I was the “traditional” bride that wanted to finally have nice bedding, towels, china, and silverware, but we also wanted to be “savers” and put some money back in the bank, so we opted to do both. If you are trying to figure out your options, here are 8 types of wedding registries for you to consider and a couple of examples. Continue Reading

7 Pieces of Advice for Maids of Honor

My sister got married in May and I had the honor to be by her side as her Matron of Honor (MOH). I must admit that I’m glad I got married first because I really believe I was able to be a better MOH because of it, and being the younger and outspoken sister that I am, I would’ve never been as sensitive and understanding. I wanted to write this post to give Maids and Matrons of Honor some guidance around how to be the best sister/friend they can be for the bride, so here are 7 simple pieces of advice. Continue Reading…

Wedding Coordinating: No Longer Just a Dream

When I was in college, I used to visit the Career Resource Center often. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know I loved coordinating, organizing and planning, so I decided to meet with one of the university’s event planners. After hearing more about it, I felt this could be my “dream job”; however, long story short, I was close to finishing my Finance degree and the whole event planning thing was put on hold.

Continue reading

8 Outdoor Wedding Considerations

The past couple of years have been filled with weddings, and two weeks ago I went back to the motherland (Costa Rica) for my best friend’s wedding. The ceremony was in a small chapel and the beautiful reception was at the beach overlooking the ocean. Between this one and previous beach and outdoor weddings I’ve attended, I noticed several small details that I think every bride should consider for their outdoor wedding. Continue Reading…