About Me


Welcome to my public personal journal about married life. My name is Valeria (but feel free to call me Val) and I am a Marketer, a Blogger, and a Wedding Coordinator in the Atlanta area.

A little about me…

  • Born and raised in San Jose, Costa RicaIMG_6519
  • Graduated from Blue Valley High School, Costa Rica
  • Came to the U.S. to study at the University of Florida
  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Went back to Costa Rica, worked as a Marketing Assistant at Banco Promerica
  • Confirmed I enjoyed Marketing (not Finance)
  • Came back to the U.S., this time to Atlanta to study at Georgia State University
  • During a summer course I met my now husband (Matthew)
  • Graduated with a Master of Science in Marketing
  • Got a job as a Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Got engaged and LOVED wedding planning
  • Got married (2/22/2014)
  • Started this blog to share posts about my wedding experience and married life
  • Started offering wedding coordination services
  • Still use this blog to share my wife life
  • And that’s my story 🙂

I’m very excited to continue sharing my life adventures as they happen. Feel free to subscribe to get the latest posts, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @valbrotherton.

Thanks for stopping by!




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