Wedding Coordinating: No Longer Just a Dream

When I was in college, I used to visit the Career Resource Center often. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know I loved coordinating, organizing and planning, so I decided to meet with one of the university’s event planners. After hearing more about it, I felt this could be my “dream job”; however, long story short, I was close to finishing my Finance degree and the whole event planning thing was put on hold.

Fast forward to December 2012, when my husband popped the question, I got the chance to get hands on experience organizing and planning my own wedding, as well as our out-of-town guests tourism activities, and I loved it! So after our wedding I started this blog, and earlier this year I made the decision to finally pursue this wedding coordinating dream, starting with an Atlanta wedding coming up next month (stay tuned for that blog post).

If you know of someone that is engaged, please spread the word! And if you are engaged, I would love to help you during this important time in your life. Check out the Day Coordination page for more information. Thanks!

edolopez_va157 edolopez_va003 edolopez_va_adic031 edolopez_va121


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