Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

I had a love-hate relationship with bruschetta, because I loved eating it but failed at making it TWICE! The first attempt was for my bachelorette party. I used this recipe and I think the parmesan cheese made everything mushy, watery and not very appetizing. The second attempt was with this other recipe for a potluck party, but the whole flavor was a bit off in my opinion. I blame it on the cooked garlic and possibly the yellow cherry tomatoes.

For our last housewarming party, I wanted to give it one last try, and let me tell ya…third time’s a charm! I decided to use the second recipe again as a starting point for ingredient quantity, but made it my own.

So here is what I did…

1. Depending on how big they are, cut each cherry tomato in four or even six pieces.

[Note: The original recipe asks to cut the cherry tomatoes in half, but this makes plating and eating harder. I also omitted the yellow cherry tomatoes, and did two pints of red cherry tomatoes instead.]

2. Roll a bunch of basil leaves and cut them into strips. I chopped them a bit more so they wouldn’t be so long.


3. In a bowl, whisk the 2 tbsps of olive oil, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 5 cloves of chopped garlic.

[Note: The original recipe asks to cook the garlic in the olive oil and let it cool, but I think this is what ruined the app last time, so I whisked these three instead.]


4. Add the garlic mixture to the chopped tomatoes, mix, and let it rest in the fridge until you need to plate it.


5. Slice some French baguette and melt butter in a skillet. Add your bread until it gets toasty, take the slices out, melt more butter and toast the other side. You will get crunchy slices that are soft in the middle.


6. Plate and you are done! Very easy, fresh, yummy and simple. The only time consuming part is chopping each cherry tomato, but you can do that the day before if you prefer.



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