4 Reasons to Still Celebrate Your Dating Anniversary

When my husband and I got married, we decided we wouldn’t make a big deal out of our dating anniversary since we now had a wedding anniversary. We still wanted to acknowledge it and do something low key each year, like cook a nice meal at home or go to the movies (which was our first date.)

Today is our 5 year dating anniversary, and last night I came home to this very sweet surprise:

Like I said, we are not supposed to exchange gifts or make a big deal out of this date, but there is nothing better than those unexpected thoughtful details. It really made my day! I proceeded to make shrimp with couscous, and with champagne in my hand and whiskey in his, we had dinner and watched comedy specials.

Besides wanting to give you a recap of our little celebration, I believe that every married couple should still “celebrate” their dating anniversary and here is why:

  1. It’s a reminder of when everything started. After being together for so long, it is very nice to have a reason to step back and remember how lucky you are to have and love each other.
  2. It’s an excuse for “us” time. Life gets busy, and between your social life and the daily routine, you still need to make time for you and your spouse to bond and spend quality time together.
  3. It’s a reason to do something thoughtful. Even if it is something very small, like our home cooked meal and on demand comedy shows, it is nice to do something you both enjoy.
  4. It’s a way of saying I love you, without explicitly saying it.

So if you currently don’t celebrate it, consider surprising your spouse on your dating anniversary. I assure you it will make their day.



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