White Wedding Cake Cupcakes

A couple of months ago, meanwhile researching on Pinterest for a cupcake recipe for a bridal shower, I found these White Wedding Cake Cupcakes and thought…perfect!

Overall recipe review = thumbs up

So here is what I did…

1. Whisk all the dry ingredients. (Note: I used my hand mixer with the whisk attachment.)

White Wedding Cake Cupcakes 4

2. Add and whisk the rest.

White Wedding Cake Cupcakes 3

3. I used a cookie scoop to fill the cupcake liners (2/liner.)

4. The recipe says to bake 18-20 minutes, I tried 18 minutes first and they were slightly under-cooked, so I ended up baking them for 20 minutes. The recipe is supposed to yield 3 dozen cupcakes, but I only got 28 cupcakes.

White Wedding Cake Cupcakes 2

5. The icing job on the recipe is really pretty, but I took a shortcut and bought pre-made icing (don’t tell anyone). I also bought at Party City purple sugar to go with the bride’s wedding colors. The cupcakes were really moist and yummy and I will definitely make them again.

White Wedding Cake Cupcakes 1

Check out more recipes on my Recipe Reviews: Tried & Approved Pinterest board.


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