4 Reasons Why I Dislike House Hunting

If you’ve just decided to start looking for a home, you must be extremely excited! I really wish you a short and sweet house hunting experience (kinda like the HGTV version you are likely familiar with), but when one house has to fit more than one person’s taste, and your wish list is not flexible enough, you will get mentally exhausted and be so over this house hunting thing soon. Not to burst your property virgin bubble, but now that I have gone through the experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that I DO NOT like house hunting and here are four reasons why.

1. It’s a roller coaster. 

  • You are hopeful with every new listing you like online.
  • You get anxious/desperate if you wait too long to tour a home.
  • If…
    • The house goes under contract before you tour it, you will be resentful and you won’t be able to get the “what if” out of your head.
    • You tour the house and don’t like it, you get disappointed and feel you are never going to find one.
    • You like the house but it goes under contract before taking action, you will be heartbroken.
  • Even though your hope will start to fade, there is no other choice than to keep on looking.
  • You will be told “you will find the one”, and even though you need to see it to believe it, it will happen sooner or later (I’m part of the later group.)

2. It’s a reason to argue.

If you are purchasing a home with your significant other, all the stress, anxiety, desperation, resentfulness, heartbreaks, and disappointments will become a source of arguments. During this process there will always be someone that is more flexible, someone that is more picky, someone that might obsess over the process, and someone that will take a more casual approach to the search. In any case the best thing you can do is try to be patient and make a conscious effort to understand each other.

3. It’s nerve wrecking and it makes you doubt yourself.

If you are stressed over the search part of the process, wait till you put an offer on a house… it gets worse! It is ten times more nerve wrecking and nail biting. Let’s just say your mind plays with your emotions big time, it goes something like this:

  • You put an offer on a house.
  • You are nervous the sellers will receive better offers before they accept yours.
  • You doubt yourself and wonder…
    • “What if they get higher offers? Did we offer too little?”
    • “What if they accept our offer? Did we offer too much? “
  • Your offer is about to expire and you finally get an answer. If you lose to a better offer you are heartbroken, if you get a counteroffer the suspense and nail biting continues.
  • Once the contract is signed you wonder: “Was this a good decision/deal?”

4. It is extremely overwhelming.

Once your under contract, things move quickly, money starts draining from your bank account, and your to-do list will get pretty long. Between all the documents you need to gather and things you have to do before and after purchasing the house you will become extremely stressed and overwhelmed. TOO MANY MOVING PARTS! Here is when the advantage of buying a house with your significant other kicks in: you can split responsibilities. Overall my recommendation is to have a good realtor that can guide you and to write everything down cause you wont’ be able to keep up otherwise.


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