House Hunting: We Found THE One!

I’m not sure if it was a Valentine’s Day miracle or a week-early wedding anniversary gift from Cupid, but we have finally found a house we both love, and now that the contract is signed and the closing is behind us, I’m ready to share it with the world. It only took us 6 months and 80+ house tours, but we did it! 

If you remember my last house hunting update, I was mentally exhausted and frustrated. We took a break from this process in November, and after a two-month breather, we decided to get back in the game.

We actually found a house we both liked in January and put in our first offer, but we lost the house to a higher bidder. Even though this was another house hunting disappointment, it actually gave me hope since we finally seemed ready to actually be decisive and take action.

January was coming to an end and I was intrigued by a new listing on Redfin. Even though it had no pictures, I got excited with the description, but our realtor informed us the sellers where not ready to show the house yet. A week later, they finally posted pictures and my gut feeling was right! Both my husband and I really liked the house, but the sellers were still not ready. Two weeks later (Valentine’s Day) we were finally able to tour the home. It was everything we both wanted (except for the distance from Atlanta, but something’s gotta give), and the contract was signed the following day.

We are very excited to finally share the news with the world, and I confess I’ve been hiding this post as a draft because I did not want to jinx the process. We really appreciate all the words of encouragement when we wanted to give up, and we want to thank the best Realtor/mother-in-law for her infinite patience and positive attitude.



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