The First Wedding Anniversary

Our first wedding anniversary was yesterday and I still can’t believe it has been a year. February 22, 2014 was such a special day for us, not only because we took another step in our forever journey, but because it was a dream come true to have all of our friends and families in one place. Today last year (the day after the big day) everything felt surreal and this Monday it still feels the same way.

Now…let’s talk celebration.

So, what did I get him? My husband and I decided to leave the fancy gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and celebrate the happiest day of our lives by creating new unforgettable memories by travelling the world. However, we are postponing this year’s plans until we are done with the whole house hunting thing.

Even though we agreed we wouldn’t exchange gifts, I wanted to get something small and meaningful for us. I got inspired by both the traditional first wedding anniversary gift (paper) and our shared interest in travelling, so I got a world map we can literally scratch off every time we get back from a trip. I must say, I kinda liked getting inspired by the traditional list and turning it into something thoughtful and creative (although we could go modern for anniversary #10 and #30.)

So, how did we celebrate? We always enjoy trying new restaurants, but we rarely do so, and since we will have to wait to explore a new beach, we treated ourselves to crab, lobster, and steak at Chops.

Happy first wedding anniversary Bebi!



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