The SEO Keyword Obsession

Last week I was asked how I handle the copywriting/SEO process. The simple answer was: first write the copy and then optimize it. Believe it or not, minds were blown with this simple logical process. But why was it such a surprise?

SEO agencies tend to force keywords into the copy, or if the copy is not yet written, there is a keyword requirement list that needs to make it into the copy. Listen, I’m a Digital Marketing professional that does SEO; however, writing good content to offer a great user experience, should always tromp any sneaky tactic. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Who would ever want to write good copy with so many restrictions? And more importantly, who would like to read, share, or link to content that seems forceful and obviously repetitive?
  2. If your priority is to have quantity of keywords over quality of content you already failed. After all search engines are not going to buy your products or services, so why focus all the love on them?
  3. Forcing keywords into a page is not the magic solution to make you #1.
  4. What is your content strategy? What is your digital marketing strategy? Invest time answering these questions and integrate SEO on the overall strategy, but stop obsessing over “keyword density”.

Long story short:

  1. First create valuable and relevant content for your customers.
  2. Then optimize the page to help search engines find and promote that great content.

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