Ritz Crackers Mac and Cheese

Last year during Friendsgiving, I tried for the first time mac and cheese with Ritz crackers. It was so yummy I had to ask for the recipe, and even though I was not able to get a link to it, I got a pretty detailed description, so I started researching on Pinterest for a similar recipe and found Chris’ BEST Macaroni and Cheese Ever.

Here are some visuals of the recipe plus a couple of tips and comments. For the complete recipe click the link above.

Overall recipe review = thumbs up


  • I used reduced fat instead of whole milk just because there were no whole milk small bottles left at the grocery store.
  • Instead of cheddar, colby, and swiss cheese, I decided to use mild cheddar and white american (I do not like swiss). Next time I’ll add a third cheese for depth of flavor.
  • That box of Ritz crackers had 4 sleeves, the directions indicate to use one, but I decided to use two to nicely crust the whole 9×13 pyrex. (I didn’t add more butter.)


  •  I crumbled the crackers right on the package; it’s fine to have some chunky crumbles.
  • I prepped these before I cooked the pasta.


  • I started by heating the milks in medium low heat. Since it takes some time I recommend you start heating as soon as you start boiling the pasta water. Once the macaroni goes in the boiling water (cook for 9 minutes), add the cheeses to the milks pot and the handful of cracker crumbles. By “multitasking” you will avoid the macaroni from resting/overcooking.


  • When it looks like this, it is ready for the macaroni.
  • Make sure you strain the macaroni well.



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