2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the beginning of 2015, and even though we are almost done with January already, there is still time to think about how to better ourselves (a.k.a jot down some New Year’s resolutions). In previous years I’ve simply thought about these as “mental notes”, but maybe if I actually type them down I’ll stick to them.

1. Be Healthier

If you know me, you know I’m not fond of the gym. In fact, I cancelled my membership in December. But I’m not looking to loose weight, I’m just trying to feel healthier in general. I got a Fitbit for Christmas, and it has been a great motivating tool to open my eyes about how sedentary I am. I also got a Zumba DVD set and I’m shooting to play those at least twice a week.

2. Be More Patient

In general, I’m just looking to listen, process, and take my time to think through the way I respond. Sometimes, when things are bothering, I tend to be too blunt and respond too quickly. I need to accept that something that might be obvious to me might not be obvious to others, and try to not be resentful about it.

3. Enjoy Each Moment

Take Christmas Eve for example. We are so lucky and excited to host our favorite holiday with the most important people in our lives; however, I’m stressing and freaking out about guest parking limitations, the food, people having a good time, dinning space, etc. I love entertaining but the stress gets in the way of just savoring each moment. I need to work on my event prep time, try to stress less, and put less pressure on myself.

4. Find a Home

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know we’ve been having a hard time finding a house that has everything we need/want and that we both love. I’m hoping this year brings us better luck and we can finally find our future home.

 5. Visit a New City

My husband and I were planning on travelling for our first anniversary, but we have several destination weddings, destination bachelor/bachelorette parties, and possibly (fingers crossed) a new home. We we will lay low for now, but I really hope we get to at least visit a new city later this year.

6. Find a Hobby

I’ve been struggling with this one since I graduated from college! I used to dance and I really enjoyed it; however, this hobby is definitely not cheap, and I’m really cheap, so I struggle to go back. If resolution #4 finally happens, then home decor will become my hobby, but I need to figure something out in the meantime. If any one has any ideas, I’m all ears.


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