13 Dog Expressions That Say it All

Getting Mila, our Boston Terrier, has been one of the BEST decisions Matthew and I have made. Growing up, we always had dogs, but this is the first time I have all the responsibilities that come with it. It has been really interesting and funny how even though they technically can’t speak, their expressions say it all. 

The “I’m not going to stop staring till you take me out to potty.”


The “Bet you can’t grab the ball.”


The “I’m bored.”


The “Scratch, please?”


The “Watching you get ready is not fun.”

bored bathroom

The “Help! I don’t like this.”

help me please

The “There is something going on outside!”


The “Throw, please?”

please throw

The “Is it really time to wake up?”

really wake up

The “Say what?”

say what

The “Really, you are taking a picture right now?”


The “There’s someone here!”

someone is here

The “Oh, I’m sorry, where you sitting here?”

where you sitting here


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