You Know You Are Getting Older When…

I’m not sure why, but this year I’ve noticed several little things that make me think: “Is this what getting older feels like?” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not old but I’m definitely not getting younger, so I started making a note of these thoughts and here they are.

You Know You Are Getting Older When…

  • You go to a concert on a rainy day and you are worried about all the cute shoes getting ruined (you wore rain boots.)
  • You go out on a cold day and can’t understand why a girl is wearing shorts.
  • You decide to not attend an event you already paid for because it is raining.
  • You put on a dress that you still have from college and you feel it is too revealing.
  • You don’t mind staying home on Fridays or having lazy weekends.
  • You realize “going out” mostly involves dinners, brunches, and friends’ houses.
  • You bring to house parties nicer beers and wine.
  • You visit your usual stores and feel some of the trendy clothing is too young for you.
  • You see younger girls wearing outfits you do not approve of.
  • You pluck grey hair when doing your hair in the morning.
  • You stop being overwhelmed by all the engagement/wedding/pregnancy pictures on your Facebook feed.
  • Your friends start getting pregnant on purpose.

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