You know you are a Costa Rican living in the US when…

I’ve been living in the US (Florida and Atlanta) for a total of 6.5 years, and during that time I’ve encountered interesting assumptions, questions, reactions, and comments about my country and culture. Here is a compiled list.

You know you are a Costa Rican living in the US when…

  • You blow people’s minds when you say you don’t like Mexican food.
  • You are filling out a form and you can’t find the “Second Last Name” field.
  • You have to explain why you have 4 names (First, Middle, Dad’s Last, Mom’s Last).
  • You surprise your friends by saying that your “prom” is a graduation party with family and friends and without “prom date” stress.
  • You bring up the maid you have back home and people assume you are rich.
  • You mention your maid sleeps in your house during the week (even though she is married and has kids) and you just can’t seem to explain why this is normal.
  • You become aware of how much you say “eeeeeeeeeh” or “mae” but it is still uncontrollable.
  • Your suitcase weights double every time you come back from Costa Rica (coffee, salsa lizano, bizcochos, platanitos, and maybe some Cacique.)
  • You try to explain Fanta Kolita’s flavor…it’s not the same as Fanta Cherry or Strawberry!
  • You give up on helping others pronounce your name (or last name).
  • You surprise first-time parents when you tell them your parents shaved your head and pierced your ears before you were 4 months old.
  • You do not want to buy a red car because it reminds you of Costa Rican taxi cabs.
  • You get annoyed when people think Costa Rica is an island or a U.S. territory like Puerto Rico.
  • You have to explain that Costa Rica is located in Central America, and that Central America exists.

Can you think of any others? Add them as a comment!



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