Time for a New Look!

Nope…I’m not talking about my hair, I’m talking about my blog.

When I started my first blog, I decided to use the Blog.com platform because it seemed easy to use, and let’s be honest…the URL was pretty easy to remember “valbrotherton.blog.com”. BUT since I started this personal public journal back in March, dealing with this blogging platform has been a bit frustrating at times.

The biggest problem is getting the error below, every time I’m trying to log in or randomly when I’m looking at my own site. It slows me down and doesn’t provide me as a blogger the user experience I’m looking for. Additionally, my supporting husband has mentioned he has had the same experience as a reader.

So, meanwhile attending a session at an online Social Web Conference, I decided to start digging into WordPress. Besides being well known and having tons of functionality, I trust that it will be a better home for me, my posts, and my sanity.

With that said I’m also taking this opportunity to change the design of my blog completely:

Before: valbrotherton.blog.com


After: valbrotherton.wordpress.com


To be honest, the pink/black layout was nice, but also meaningless. The new look is cleaner and more personal since it is inspired by one of the happiest days of my life and features my wedding colors.

If you were so kind to follow my old blog or if you did not get a chance before, I encourage you to subscribe! Thanks for all your support 🙂


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