The Vows: Lost and Not Found

As I mentioned on the previous blog post, my personalized vows were left behind at the hotel room and never made it to the ceremony. I was extremely upset at the time because I wrote those vows a month before the wedding and they included a poem for Matthew. The poem part might sound cheesy to you but it was really sentimental to me.

When I was really young, my grandfather introduced me to poetry. I specifically remember when he made me memorize a poem by Ruben Dario, a Nicaraguan poet. And so I began to write. My first poem was titled “Mi Pais” (My Country), and from then on I would literally get inspired by anything and everything.

Soon poems became birthday, father’s day and Christmas gifts for my grandfather… that is all he wanted. 10 years ago my grandfather passed away. The day of his funeral I wrote him one last poem, and that was the last poem I ever wrote until my wedding vows.

Looking back, I’m kinda glad they got lost. I tend to cry A LOT when it comes to saying things from the heart out loud. After so much thought regarding how long the vows should be and what language we should write them in to accommodate both English and Spanish speaking guests, I realized none of that mattered. My vows were for my husband, and exchanging them in Punta Cana during our honeymoon, just the two of us, was a perfect intimate moment we will never forget.

Punta Cana honeymoon - VBrotherton


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