Our Love Story

Next month is our 4 year dating anniversary. In honor of this special time, I wanted to share with everyone our love story. If you ever visited our wedding website, you’ve read this already.

How We Met

Matthew and I first met in June 2010 while being classmates and project teammates at two graduate Marketing summer courses at Georgia State University. At GSU, graduate courses are at night, and given that I did not have a car and had to ride MARTA (Atlanta’s train), I asked my teammates to meet earlier in the day since riding the train late night didn’t feel very safe. That’s when Matthew said: “I ride MARTA too, we can walk together to the station.” So that summer we became walking partners, went to the movies to watch Toy Story 3 for our first date, and from there on our forever life story began.

The Proposal

In 2012, Matthew and I spent Christmas and New Years in Costa Rica. He considered proposing during Christmas, but he wanted to ask my dad for my hand in marriage in person first.

On the 28th, we spent a night at the Arenal Volcano with my siblings and their significant others. The weather was not great so Matthew decided to wait. The following day we drove to Herradura beach where we met with my parents at Los Sueños Hotel.

Finally the 30th, after getting ready to have dinner with the family, Matthew asked me to walk with him to the hotel’s shop to buy cold medicine. I of course offered some medicine I had in my bag but he insisted he wanted to stick to the particular brand he had been taking, so I walked with him, he bought the medicine, and then suggested to check out the hotel’s tower that overlooks the ocean, the mountains, and the marina. When we were going up the stairs, there was a “reserved” sign, but Matthew insisted for us to keep on going. Once we reached the top there was a table set for two, candles, and petals, and my first thought was: “Oh my God, this is it!” Matthew hugged me and I could feel his heart beating really fast. Then he said: “I have another Christmas gift for you,” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said “YES.” Turns out, the romantic setup was not for us, we stole someone else’s thunder, and my family was waiting for us at the hotel restaurant with champagne. One year and 2 months later, we said “I do”.


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