March Reviews: Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake

When I was younger, my mom used to bake all the time. I loved being her little helper in the kitchen and soon it became a shared passion. I enjoyed trying new recipes, making up my own, and even selling my baked goods in our neighborhood. As the years went by, this hobby faded, but now that I have all of my baking registry gifts I’m ready to explore it again! Here is my March baking activity: 

Brownie & Cookie Crust Cheesecake

My husband loves brownies, cookies and cheesecake, so I decided to put all of these together for his birthday. I looked for a simple cheesecake recipe online (can’t find the link). This recipe called for a brownie mix crust, but I used the Betty Crocker supreme bars mix instead.

My review:

  • The balance of sweetness was good because the crust was really sweet but the cheesecake was not.
  • The recipe asked for a smaller amount of brownie mix than the box I purchased…so when I dumped the cheesecake mix on the semi-baked cookie/brownie crust, the crust rose to the edges, so the ratio of cheesecake and crust was not great.
  • I might have beaten the eggs a bit more than recommended, so the top did sink a bit.
  • It was ok, probably not a keeper.

Chocolate Bundt Cake (Recipe)

Nana, Matthew’s grandmother, loves chocolate! So I found this chocolate bundt cake recipe and I got to use my brand new bundt cake pan for her birthday. To make it more chocolaty I added chocolate chips to the batter and to make things simpler I bought a pre-made Milk Chocolate icing (just warmed it up to get the drizzle effect.)

My review:

  • It was really light (not in calories) and moist.
  • Served warm would have probably been 100 times better.
  • It was good, I enjoyed it, but did not LOVE it.

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