June Reviews: Pistachio Cupcakes and 3 Apps

Last month’s recipes included Pistachio Cupcakes for Father’s Day, and Corn Salsa, Cheese Sticks, and Refried Beans appetizers for the Costa Rica vs. Greece World Cup game (which CR won in case you were wondering!!!)

Pistachio Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips and Cream Cheese Frosting
Easy Pistachio Cupcakes
My father-in-law loves pistachios, so I knew when I pinned these cupcakes they would be perfect for Father’s day. They were so easy to make and really good. Now I kinda want to try different varieties of Jello pudding with this recipe.

I added white chocolate chips to the batter instead of the shavings, and used a store-bought cream cheese frosting. The only “con”, which is not really a “con,” is that they didn’t really taste like Pistachio, more like a yummy light green cupcake. [Conclusion: Try them!] Here is the recipe.

Corn Salsa

I can’t find the original recipe for this one, but I made it long time ago, everyone loved it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Super easy and yummy!

Ingredients: 1 can of black beans, 1 can of corn, a bunch of cilantro, 2 tomatoes, garlic powder, Italian dressing, salt and pepper

1. Dice the tomatoes
2. Chop a bunch of cilantro
3. Drain the corn and beans really well. (I use a strainer.)
4. Mix and add the rest of ingredients to taste. I start with 2 tablespoons of Italian, mix well and taste till perfect. [Tip: When tasting, try the salsa with chips. Remember the chips will already have salt.]

Cheese Sticks
FAIL! The reviews of this recipe were not great, but I tried to follow the extra tips like freezing the cheese sticks. I tried adding to the recipe flour, egg, mixing flour and breadcrumbs, etc. Long story short, no matter what I tried to do, the oven melted every single variety. My last resource was to fry them, which kinda worked but not really. If you have pinned this recipe, delete it. [Tip: Buy frozen mozzarella sticks and save yourself the stress.]

Refried Beans
Reminds me of home. So easy!

Ingredients: 1 can of refried beans (I like using red Ducal refried beans), 1 tbsp of butter (I used light butter and worked perfectly), a little bit of sugar, and Salsa Lizano (Costa Rican sauce/condiment, can be found in Hispanic supermarkets in the US).

1. Melt the butter on a pot.
2. Add beans and mix.
3. Add 2 tbsps. (or more to taste) of Salsa Lizano.
4. Add a little bit of sugar, sounds weird but will make this amazing!
5. Serve with chips.


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