H1B to Green Card: Cost and Time

If you are getting ready to apply for permanent residence (a.k.a. a green card) and considering hiring a lawyer or putting off the application, consider the costs and timing of the application first. Here is a breakdown of our experience.

Time Considerations

  • When does your visa expire? MAJOR consideration.
  • Reading instructions and filling out 8 forms.
  • Getting relationship/marriage proof: You need to wait till the next bank account statement or utility receipt for both your names to appear once you request the change.
  • Getting the I-693 Medical Examination and Vaccination Record appointment, test results, and any additional appointments needed can take some time. For us it took 1 week, but I it could take longer if further testing or additional vaccines are needed.
  • Getting my certified birth certificate translation took about a week.
  • Once you submit the application, processing can take up to 3 months.

Cost ($2,125)

  • $420 = I-130 Petition for Alien Relative Fee
  • $44 = Passport Style Photos at CVS
  • $10 = Marriage Certificate Certified Copy
  • $1,070 = I-485 Adjustment of Status Fee + Biometric Services Fee
  • $25 = Certified Birth Certificate Translation
  • $550 = I-693 Medical Examination and Vaccination Record – Appointment, Vaccines, Lab Tests
  • $6 = Package submission at USPS

[Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. Please read ALL application instructions. Every case is different. If you have any questions please contact a lawyer, I’m not an expert in the field… I’m just sharing my experience.]


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