From Fiancée to Wife: What changes?

Extra time = Boredom

The wedding planning is over! Your stress level finally goes down and you can relax. BUT all that time you spent multi-tasking between dealing with your full time job, friend time, family time, you time, and wedding planning leaves you with a lot of time in your hands. That’s actually one of the reasons that let me to create this blog.

House Hunters replaces Say Yes to the Dress

I’ve been watching wedding related shows even before I got engaged, but lately I find myself discovering house related shows and loving them. We have a town house but I would love a bigger house in the near future.

Saying your new last name feels weird

Saying “husband” has not felt weird, I actually really like saying it and it makes me giggle inside (you know, that feeling of “I can’t believe I’m married”). On the other hand, saying “Valeria Brotherton” takes me a sec. I have to stop and think twice before I say my name. I’m sure it’s normal…after all I’ve been Valeria Arguello for almost 27 years!

Change of look

I have not trimmed my hair since May 2013 because I wanted it as long as possible for my wedding updo. I finally got a haircut yesterday! I wanted to try something other than the usual long layers; however, I went to Toni and Guy and paid for the cheapest hair stylist (i.e. the one with least experience) so I didn’t have the courage. But I finally got a haircut and my side bangs are back.

Merged bank accounts

We did this a month before the wedding, so we have had some time to adjust. Taking this huge step was really important. I’m very careful with my money and merging accounts was probably one of the biggest acts of trust I’ve ever done and it felt great to take that leap with the love of my life. It just takes a lot of communication, patience, and compromise.

Living together

For us this was not a change (we have been living together for almost three years). However, I went ahead and added it to the list because if you are not living with your fiancé, moving in is definitely not the same as “almost living together.” Just be patient and honest, living together is not easy but if there is love and you are willing to accept certain things and compromise others it will work out. It takes time.


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