18 Quick Beginner Blogging Tips

Although this is my first personal blog, I’ve been blogging for almost three years professionally at my company’s blog. When you begin blogging, there are certain things that you should know and do before going wild in cyber space. Here are 18 quick blogging tips for beginners.

  1. Contain yourself. I know you are excited and have a million ideas. Start typing but don’t publish all posts at once.
  2. Promote but don’t overwhelm. Use social channels to share your posts but don’t saturate people’s feeds.
  3. Give it personality. Think about your tone. No one wants to read stale posts.
  4. Proceed with caution. What you put out there is public, can affect you image, and can impact others.
  5. Be respectful. You might want to make your experiences public, but your friends/family/colleagues might not.
  6. Keep it up. If you are going to create a blog, invest time on it and don’t let it die.
  7. Create a habit. A repetitive pattern (posting on specific days) helps set readers’ expectations.
  8. Reciprocate the love. If someone took the time to share or comment on your post, you should at least reply.
  9. Look out for inspiration. Keep your eyes and ears open for ideas. You will find yourself surrounded by inspiration.
  10. Write down your ideas. Make a quick note on your cellphone to avoid forgetting post ideas.
  11. Save draft, edit, then publish. Type it, sleep on it, read it out loud, and post it! You might find typos or improvements.
  12. Get familiar with the blog platform. Test features, settings, and widgets. Play around and discover.
  13. Long term categories and navigation menu. Don’t create a category per post. Think about your strategy and create a logical organization.
  14. Love it or leave it. Be passionate about your posts. If it already feels like a chore this will not last.
  15. Comment spam. If they sound sketchy, irrelevant, and include a link to another site, follow your gut and don’t approve.
  16. Google Analytics. Using your Gmail account, create an account and understand your traffic. It’s free.
  17. Findability. Use any SEO features and add your blog URL to your social profiles.
  18. Help them help you. Activate social sharing features to make it easy for users to share your content.

Good luck!


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